GREEN – What Your Favorite Color Says About You

GREEN – What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Did you know that colors are very powerful? They affect how we think and can change the way we feel. There are specific qualities linked to each color and this brings insight into your personality. If GREEN is your favorite color then this article is all about you.

Quite obviously, green is the most prevalent color in nature and it is subsequently the color that our brain associates with renewal, revitalization and rebirth (mainly due to the emergence of green in the spring). It is the fragrant scents of nature too such as pine, freshly cut limes and refreshing mint. It is the mossy smell of the forest floor or the fresh cut grass on a neatly mowed lawn. The color green is tied to matters of ecology and the environment. It is also tied to finance and money. It is universally the color that we associate with the concepts of go, start, proceed and safety. It is also the color of prosperity and good luck.

What objects do you think when you hear the color green? Vegetation, money and a green light to “go” are the main items first recalled. Depending on your age you may think of Kermit the frog with his coined phrase “it ain’t easy being green” or Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. Maybe you  think of a kale smoothie and a peaceful hike in the forest. Other things that commonly come to mind are aliens, veggies and four leaf clovers. Scientists say that the color green affects our brains and bodies. Green stimulates the pituitary gland in charge of regulating hormones. The body increases histamine levels which improve allergy symptoms and other studies have shown that the color green can even encourage creativity and improve reading ability.

The color green can have both positive and negative connotations. Which if the following characteristics most define you?

  • Generous or Greedy
  • Hopefulness or Apathy
  • Optimism or Rejection
  • Fairies or Soldiers
  • Revitalization or Sickness
  • Down to Earth or Strong Willed
  • World Peace or Financial Domination
  • Naive or Astute
  • Nature or Wall Street

If your favorite color is green you could be a eco-conscious, boho hippie that is in tune with nature. You could be generous, passive and show empathy toward others. You care deeply about important issues and want the world to balanced and fair to all.

Paradoxically, you could ambition motivated by greed and wealth. You can sometimes be self righteous when your thoughts are consumed by the things that others possess.

Regardless of which type of person you are, both share the need to be accepted and feel secure in the world. If your favorite color is green you are seeking balance, focused on growth, in tune with your surroundings and you want to feel secure in life.

Plus, you can’t go wrong with lucky clovers, lush rain forests and key lime pie.

Do you have any qualities to add that you think are related to the color green? Please share your opinions with fellow green lovers below in the comments.

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15 thoughts on “GREEN – What Your Favorite Color Says About You

  1. I love reading these favorite color posts! I’m a fan of green but not bright green and not in large doses – unless we’re talking nature and beautiful trees and grass. I think blue is my real favorite.

  2. Green is my grandmother’s favorite color. I am one of those oddballs that really doesn’t have a favorite color – and it changes with my mood by the day. I’m not sure what that says about me. Probably that I’m open to trying to new things?

  3. Such a lovely post. Never knew your fav color could say so much about you. Although I love green, red has to be my fav color.

  4. My daughter’s favorite color is green. I will definitely have to show her this post. She will find it quite interesting. Never thought about Green craving balance but I see what you are saying.

  5. I really like the color green. Especially all the positive meaning of it. It reminds me most of our green earth.

  6. Green is actually one of my favorite colors! New life, Fresh Starts! Its one of those colors I don’t wear but I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see in in nature and use it in my home.

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