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My sister called me the other day to catch up and chat. When I asked what she was doing she explained that she was sneaking over to our brother’s house to play a friendly prank on him. She gave me the details and I thought it was such a fun idea that I had to share it with you! It is fun for anytime, but especially if someone needs some cheering up! I love this prank because it will really catch someone off guard, give them something to think about and SURELY make them SMILE.

How to play a fun and friendly practical prank on a friend who is having a bad day DIY @dapperhouse

We all know the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and even if you think it is cliche, then fact that everyone knows it makes it perfect for this prank.

You will need:

  • a box of “life” cereal
  • lemons
  • packets of sugar

TIP: You could use artificial lemons along with packets of pre-made lemonade mix.

What you will need to play a fun lemonade prank on friends and family DIY @dapperhouse


1. Carefully open the box of life cereal being careful not to bend or tear the packaging. Remove the bag of cereal inside.

How to pull a Fun and Friendly practical joke DIY @dapperhouse

2. Place lemons and sugar packets inside the box.

3. Using a glue gun, carefully seal the cereal box back together with a thin strip of glue. (Don’t use a lot of glue. You only need a small amount.)

4. Slip it inside the cereal cupboard or leave out for your friend to find.

How to play a fun and friendly practical prank on a friend who is having a bad day DIY @dapperhouse

TIP: You can add a sweet note in the bottom of the box so that the person will know who to thank and may contact you once the prank has been played! They will be happy that you thought of them.

When Life gives you Lemons friendly prank to brighten your day @dapperhouse