This is a Fashion Follow Up Post to
to show how I utilized the mix and match clothing and accessories
I brought on my trip to the Virgin Islands.
This outfit was not in the original post.
I wore this maxi dress and sandals on the airplane
along with a sweater that I had packet because I get chilly on the
plane and wanted my legs covered.
It is lightweight enough to wear in the heat as well.
Remember, here is what I had packed . . .
Please see the Original Post to see the Outfit Combinations
In this post I am showing you pictures of a few of the outfits I did wear,
but not every single thing.
I did wear everything I packed aside from the “extra” pair of white shorts and the red & blue striped Maxi dress that was for an upscale dinner that didn’t happen.
Pretty good packing right?
Here is one day with the denim cut offs and white tee with red flip flops.

Here is going to get dinner with the zig zag dress and red heels.

 On the Ferry from St. John’s to St. Thomas in the
floral sundress and the blue and white ballet flats.
 We were snorkeling so I have my swimsuit and cover up on.
In the water I wore my long sleeve tissue tee (that I brought “just in case”)
because I did not trust only sunblock to protect my shoulders, arms and back
from a long day in the sun.
 Here is a picture of my stylish husband on the boat.
I could do a men’s series on him, because he does have good fashion sense,
but he would never allow it.
So there you have it!
One small and lightweight carry-on for many days of travel.
It can be done for comfort and style!