Is lymphedema curable? At the moment, there is no known cure for lymphedema. However, there are ways that it can be managed and treated. Lymphedema is caused by impaired flow within the lymphatic system.

As a result of this, it causes swelling in the body’s extremities. We don’t want to give away everything that you need to know about lymphedema. More information about lymphedema and ways to treat it can be found below.

Lymphedema Overview

As we stated, lymphedema comes from the impaired flow within the lymphatic system and, as a direct result of this, causes swelling in the extremities. The purpose of the lymphatic system is to collect fluid from the tissues in the body.

Swelling begins when the vessels are blocked, and the excess liquid can’t be removed from the tissues successfully. Lymphedema usually affects a specific area of the body, such as one arm or one leg.

There are also some cases where both extremities may be affected by the lymphedema.

Lymphedema Symptoms

There are some crucial signs that someone may experience during the beginning stages of lymphedema. Some of these signs may include warmth in the affected area or a heightened sense of tightness.

Some other symptoms that may be felt and noticed are:

  • Reduced ability to see veins in the affected area
  • Tightness when wearing clothing
  • Skin reddening
  • Reduced joint flexibility
  • Skin puffiness

It is crucial to notice the signs and symptoms of lymphedema so that you can begin discussing treatment options with your doctor.

Is Lymphedema Curable and What Are the Treatments?

Lymphedema is not curable right now, but there are some treatments to help manage swelling and symptoms.

Treatment plans or therapy for lymphedema are designed to control the symptoms and to reduce the amount of swelling in the extremity. There are 2 main forms of treatment for lymphedema.

Compression Treatment

The use of compression treatment not only reduces swelling but can also reduce the likelihood of any scarring. Compression treatment can be achieved by using elastic sleeves, which will compress the extremity from end to end.

Another form of compression treatment is the use of bandages. The bandage begins at the end of the extremity wrapped tightly. As you move towards the center, the wrapping becomes looser. This is to encourage blood flow back to the core rather than to the swollen extremity.

Manual compression may also be used to reduce swelling. This is when massage techniques are used to induce liquid drainage. Some exercises may be implemented to stimulate the flow of the lymphatic system.


Surgery is typically done to remove the excess liquid from the tissues and is usually only used when the lymphedema is severe. Surgery can also be used when infections begin to develop or have developed within the skin and other tissues.

Before surgery, your doctor may also discuss natural remedies that may prove beneficial for your lymph system.

The Close

The answer to is lymphedema curable is no. Still, as we discussed above, there are ways to control the swelling and lessen the symptoms that you may be feeling. With treatment, lymphedema can be managed. 

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