Buying Jewelry For A Loved One or Yourself? 
Don’t Pay More Than You Should.
If you and your partner have been together for years, the romance in the relationship tends to fade. One way to spice things up again is to send your loved one surprise presents, to show that you care. Although flowers always go down well, they aren’t exactly a long-term investment (unless they’re potted!). Jewelry is a nice alternative to posies and jewelry lasts year in, year out.
You can also buy something nice for yourself so that you feel great! Then dress up, fix your hair in a different way and WOW your partner with a new you! You may be surprised at what an impact  accessories can have on your look.
“But we’re not made of money!” Don’t worry – there are plenty of ways that you can sidestep large price tags and still purchase a beautiful gift, to bring back some romance. 
Sale Purchase
Whenever you find yourself at a shopping center, always stop by the jewelry shops to see what is being offered. You can often find massive reductions on the perfect piece. You could even take advantage of one store’s rock bottom sale and purchase a variety of pretty pieces, to then store at home (somewhere secret and safe) to give at special occasions. 
If you can’t go high end, go handmade. Websites like Etsy sell crafted items that make wonderful gifts for your loved one. Not only are they one of a kind, but they are often cheaper than anything you’ll find in-store. All sorts of quirky items are up for sale, so you can choose something that truly reflects yours and your partner’s personality.
Antique Stores
Alternatively, you can check out retro and antique stores. These items may be second-hand, but you can find classy items, such as pearl necklaces, for bargain prices. These pieces are often timeless, unique and gorgeous. 
Gold and Silver
When it comes to choosing the materials the jewelry is made of, choose cheaper, but pretty metals. Silver is affordable, and instead of a massive diamond, try something made with semi-precious or precious stones. Maybe giving her a birthstone would be a treat? Or buy a necklace with his and her birthstones to celebrate and represent your love for one another. Sterling Jewelry is always a hit and timeless too! You an get something fancy or something casual for everyday that is sentimental and suits the taste of the wearer. 
Judging A Book By Its Cover
Largely, the amount of money you spend of your gift doesn’t matter; it’s all about the thought and the presentation. A romantic gesture goes a long way, and the thought involved will be appreciated more than the jewelry itself. Don’t neglect the packaging and leave the gift somewhere unexpected for her to find. Whether this is slipped into her handbag in the evening or wrapped up in her morning paper, surprises are always appreciated. And if you are the woman buying for herself, plan a surprise dinner or outing and meet your sweetheart there to make a grand entrance! 
Costume Jewellery
Costume jewelry is always cheap, and it can look just as lovely as the real thing. Pearl and Butler Jeweley has some gorgeous buys, including the Be Howlite Long Necklace, Silver Forget-me-not Heart Pendant, and the Sparkly Victorian Style Earrings. (So pretty) 
So explore your options and set your price to get something meaningful and beautiful for the one you love.

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse