YELLOW – What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Did you know that colors are very powerful? They affect how we think and can change the way we feel. There are specific qualities linked to each color and this brings insight into your personality. If YELLOW is your favorite color then this article is all about you.

What do you think of when you hear the word “yellow”? Bananas, canaries, sunshine and taxi cabs are possibly the most traditional things. More recently it might be minions and pikachu. Regardless of what items you think of, what are the characteristics yellow possesses? Color experts and scientists say that yellow can stimulate the nervous system and activate a person’s memory and concentration. It also promotes sociability, reasoning and communication. It represents happiness and positivity. It is the color of intellect and knowledge.

Adding yellow to your work area can increase productivity but more importantly, give you sharper reasoning skills and clarity when making decisions. Yellow in the kitchen and bathroom represents freshness and cleanliness. Yellow accents in any room will make the place feel more lively and bring joy and brightness to a dismal day. As with many colors, yellow also has negative associations attached it. Ironically, some of the traits are complete opposites. Of the following characteristics, which ones do you most associate with your favorite color yellow?   

  • Irrational or Intelligent
  • Jealous or Loyal
  • Anxiety or Clarity
  • Cowardice or Confidence
  • Deceit or Honor
  • Impulsive or Reasonable
  • Aloof or Sophisticated

If you love the color YELLOW you most likely enjoy doing brain games like crossword puzzles and Sudoku. You tend to like things to be bright, clean and organized. You are a planner and may find that you experience some anxiety if things don’t go your way. You are careful about safety but optimistic that things will work out well. Your are a loyal friend but are more comfortable with a close group of people who are also positive and optimistic. If you love yellow you are most of all happy, easy going and have a great outlook on life.

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