This is STEP 1 in the Multi-media Art activity and lesson themed for St. Patrick’s Day. You can see the finished project here and find the other steps there as well. For Step One you will need: light weight white paper, green paint, paint brush, scissors, pencil and clear plastic wrap. GO HERE to see Original Post.

step one paint with green @dapperhouse

First have your child put paint all over the paper with the paint brush.

green paint @dapperhouse

You can: talk about things that are green, play a game where you go back and forth trying to name as many green foods as you can or just enjoy your time together.

Second apply a layer of clear plastic over the wet paint.

lay the clear plastic wrap over the paint @dapperhouse

Third have your child use their fingers to gently move the paint around under the plastic

smoosh the plastic wrap around on the paint @dapperhouse

Fourth gently peel up the plastic from the paint to reveal the Eric Carle Inspired design.

lift the clear plastic wrap up from the paint to see the design it leaves Eric Carle style @dapperhouse

Fifth let this dry. (I used Crayola washable paints because it is easy clean up and fast dry.) While this is drying, on a separate sheet of paper draw out a shamrock that will go on your finished piece.

Sixth, trace your shamrock design onto your dry paint

trace a shamrock onto the dry paint design @dapperhouse

Last, you or your child cut out the shamrock and hand it on the fridge to use in a later step in your St. Patrick’s Day Craft!

Cut out the clover so it is read to glue to the rainbow picture to complete your St. Patricks Day craft @dapperhouse

Go HERE to see your next step!

Multi media St Patrick's Day Themed Art lessons and craft activity tutorial for kids @dapperhouse