From the site that cares for Your pet and Mine,
I am grateful that I was able to review this product
because my daughter’s dog Lilly is a finicky eater and
will only eat wet food. This means that Lilly
is not getting the rough texture from food to help clean her teeth.
She will have a bone now and then, but to keep her teeth
clean and healthy they have to be brushed.
After Reviewing this product for awhile, there are two great benefits for Lilly. 
One, she LOVES the Vanilla flavor which makes it more of a treat
than a pain to get her teeth brushed.
Second, my daughter was using a regular baby toothbrush before,
but the shape of this new toothbrush is SO brilliant that it
cuts the time way down making it easier on everyone!
Check out the shape. . .
(I should get these for the whole family!)
Dont laugh, I just may do it! 
all three sides of your teeth in one stroke!!
the toothpaste does not contain soap like human toothpaste 
so, it is healthier for Humans too!
(dogs cant spit when brushing their teeth so you cant use
people toothpaste on your pet)
Yep, you can use it too.
Here is what makes this natural toothpaste so great. .  . 

Ingredients Benefits
  Kaolin Polishes teeth
  Tea Tree Oil Antiseptic and antifungal properties plus, leaves breath smelling fresh
  Stevia and Vanilla Natural sweeteners create a great taste without raising the dog’s glycemic index
  Tetrasodium & Tetrapotassium Phosphate Reduce tartar build-up

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse