I live green every day and I am always searching to learn more to add to my repertoire. I am thrilled at the amount of people all over the world making a such great progress toward preserving our resources and making Earth a better place to live! I want to share few simple tips from my own daily routine that might help you in your quest to save the planet or at least save some of your hard earned money! I will tell you how to go green by washing your hair, stretching your shampoo and saving water in a way that you wont even notice. . . and beauty tips for thick and long hair too!

My first tip is to get a hairstylists color applicator bottle.
I got mine here for under $1.29.
Color Trak 8 oz Applicator Bottle Straight Tip (Google Affiliate Ad)

Keep it in the shower with a mixture of 3 parts water and 1 part shampoo. Mix Well.

When you are ready to wash your hair, leave your hair dry.
(I begin my shower with this step and still have the shower water off to conserve water.)
Use the applicator to apply the solution to the roots and scalp on your entire head.
(You wont need to use the whole bottle.)

Work in the water and shampoo mixture as you go to create a
lather and keep the water from running out of your hair.

When your Entire scalp is wet, massage well with finger tips to work
off all the dead skin cells, hair products, environmental elements, sweat, etc.
The shampoo will lift the “crap” away from your scalp.

Now turn on the water full blast and rinse your scalp and wet your hair.
(I turn off the water again at this point)
Follow with shampoo for the rest of your hair and rinse.

Always keep a strong, wide tooth comb in the shower.
When you are ready to rinse out your conditioner use the
comb AS you are rinsing different sections of your hair.

The comb will Glide through your hair from the conditioner
and water and by the time you are done rinsing you will not have
a single tangle in your hair! (Just dry it by scrunching it with a dry towel
and you will save time and hair from having to comb through tangles!

Every time any of my products gets low such as my conditioner did today and I could
not shake a single bit more out of the bottle…

I add a bit of water…

                …and like magic I get enough for at least another two uses!

I do this with dish soap, laundry detergent, face soap and more.
Think of how much money I save over an entire year by stretching SO many
products this way!

So, what do YOU do that I could learn from?
I would LOVE for you to share your Tips with me and our dapper friends! 
Leave a comment below that you know can help us make the world a 
better place by going green! THANKS! 

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse