So, your boss is taking the big leap and deciding to retire? Good for them! 

If you want them to remember you fondly, it’s time to start shopping for a retirement gift. Nothing says “thank you” like a thoughtful gift from one of their favorite colleagues. It’s important to start by thinking about their likes and hobbies, then go from there. Here are a few ideas to get you brainstorming. 

Fishing Gear

If your boss enjoys fishing, they will probably be doing a lot more once they’ve retired. Consider getting them a new stylish bucket hat, some fun tackle, or maybe even a folding rod. Another great gift option is a key float, just in case your boss becomes a little forgetful or clumsy and drops their keys in the water while fishing. The keys will float right to the top so they can easily be found, and your boss can still make it home for dinner.

A Subscription

This might initally give you National Lampoon vibes, but don’t be so quick to judge a subscription. There are way more options than elly of the month! For the person who has everything, this can be a fantastic gift. Consider a subscription to your boss’ favorite channel or streaming service, or maybe a fashion or sports-themed box that they receive monthly. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! 

3 Wedge Set

Is your boss a golf fanatic? If so, then a brand new 3 wedge set is the gift for him. This set from CAD Golf features a center of mass that is designed for additional spin and better control. They also have stainless steel heads, a surface milled face, and classic sole grind, which means better performance at a fantastic price.

Range Finder

Keeping with the golf theme, consider getting your boss a range finder to help him know how far away the next flag is.   He can hone his shots and enjoy the day on the green even more.

Engraved Keepsake

Consider getting your boss something from a shop that engraves keepsakes, such asan engraved clock or pocket watch. You could also get them a pen or have something engraved that has to do with one of their hobbies. That way, every time they start missing the office, they’ll be able to look over at your thoughtful gift and be reminded of some of their best times.

An Electric Reader

Does your boss love to read? Help them get books in their fingertips more quickly by getting them an electronic reader, such as a Kindle. This means they won’t have to run to the bookstore every time they want a book. They can simply order it from the comfort of home.

If none of these sound quite like a hole in one, don’t worry! Just think about your boss’ hobbies and interests, and get him something relating to one of them. You can’t go wrong with paying attention to the little details.