Now that COVID is an everyday part of our lives, there are new rules to follow for event planning. No matter the size of the gathering, your guests need to be protected but that can’t mean having less fun! Hiring quality entertainment, offering delicious selections of food, keeping people safe and happy — a lot goes into being a good host. If you’re looking for ways to help your guests stay comfortable at your event, here are a few ideas.

Provide Clean Restrooms

It’s important to have restroom trailers for events for obvious reasons; however, you don’t want just any restroom facilities on-site. Your guests need access to clean restroom facilities with plenty of space and no shortage of the necessary amenities like toilet paper, hand soap. paper towels and hand sanitizer. Restrooms should be spaced evenly throughout the location so that guests can easily find them when they need it and so they are not crowded together in less than six feet of distance. If possible, it’s a good idea to have small hand sanitizer stations outside the restrooms to encourage guests to keep their hands clean.

Keep Water Readily Available

This is especially important for events taking place on hot days or where drinking is taking place! Dehydration from alcohol consumption and hot weather is a leading cause of illness and injury at gatherings. People need to stay hydrated when navigating fairgrounds, dancing, joining activities or anything else that might require a lot of energy at your event. Dehydration can easily lead to a number of other major health issues, so have stations scattered throughout the area for people to access water. Whether you set up water fountains or have a volunteer hand out bottled waters, encourage your guests to stay hydrated while they enjoy themselves. Even if you’re charging for food and other beverages, offering complimentary water reflects very well on you as a host.

Have Maps on Hand If Needed

For festivals, concerts and other events taking place in large areas, you don’t want guests to get lost or have a hard time finding their way around — in cases like these, it’s good to have maps available. These maps don’t need to be fancy or especially artistic, they just need to be well-labeled and easy for other people to understand. Make sure your maps include a clearly defined legend that highlights things like restrooms, food and beverages stalls, first aid kits, medical stations, seating areas and of course, entrances and exits. For highly populated events, you will want to list emergency exit routes as well.

Being a good host is all about taking care of your guests; by keeping them hydrated, providing plenty of facilities and making it easy for them to get around, you are well on your way to hosting an amazing event that will be talked about for years to come.