I have had my laptop for a long time. 
So long that the letter are rubbing off of the keys!
I have had it running everyday (and every night ) 
for personal  use, blogging, business, LOTS of school work, 
plus my sons borrow it all the time for 
facebook, games and videos. 
Needless to say that it has been running more slowly over 
time until I realized that my frustration was growing from 
having to wait for applications to load and from start up 
taking FOREVER!  I was getting script errors, things were crashing
after waiting forever to load,
and I was tired of seeing that dreaded little blue circle 
keep spinning and spinning and spinning. . . 
I was certain that I needed a tune up, or a clean up, 
or some sort of maintenance to get this laptop running well 
and to extend its life!
I heard from a friend that she used a reputable company 
for her son’s computer and after three 
hours it was like new again. 
I gave Computer Help Today a try 
and although mine only took about an hour, 
I experienced the same amazing results!
I began the process by setting up a meeting 
time with an associate.
We spoke in the phone for a bit, 
he walked me through the prompts and in no time 
he had remote access to my computer and 
began the process of running diagnostics.
I watched in awe on my screen at everything he was doing.
It was really cool.
When the process was finished we spoke again and he 
explained my biggest issues. 
Luckily I did not have virus issues that he had to fix, 
but he removed a bunch of
temporary internet files that attract viruses.
He optimized my settings, removed unnecessary programs 
from running at start up and cleaned out every cache,
including Java which was always crashing. 
I had the opportunity to use this service in exchange for 
writing an honest review of the whole process, but 
I will spend the $99 dollars again to keep
my computer optimized. 
 This is not just a bargain, but a must to keep from spending 
hundreds on damage control such as 
repairs, viruses or a new laptop!
The best deal is for $199.00 where
you get a whole years service contract for maintenance. 
I have no complaints or concerns about the process,
 only accolades.  They have a Risk Free guarantee, and
have earned a strong reputation as well.
They partner with Geeks Mobile USA and
 you can have them come to your home for
computer repair if you choose.
For small business issues they have a sister site for e
very need imaginable called All IT Supported.