So it is Christmas eve and my son starts freaking out because we don’t have any homemade cookies for Santa. All that is in the house are Oreos but Santa deserves better than store bought treats. I looked in the cupboards to see what ingredients we had and found a cake mix. I remember that when I was young my mother sometimes made cookies from cake mix, so I did a google search for a recipe. I found a simple recipe on the Duncn Hines website and I happened to have the same brand mix. My son and I emptied the cake mix into a bowl, added 2 eggs and 1/2 cup of oil and that is it! We stirred out most of the lumps, spooned it onto a foil lined cookie sheet and baked for about 12 – 15 minutes. They came out the most perfect cookies I have ever tasted. A bit of a crunch on the outside but soft and chewy…not cake-like at all!
You definitely have to give these a try and remember to keep this recipe (and cake a box of cake mix) on hand if you are in a bind like I was. I cant wait to try all the other cake flavors and add ingredients to make chocolate cookies with mint chips, or double chocolate cookies with pecans, or carrot cake cookies with walnuts and raisins…if you make a cool combo with this recipe PLEASE let me (and our dapper friends) know about it. You can leave your recipe creation in the comments of this post or on my facebook page!

They turned out Amazing!! They were a fantastic consistency and tasted great.

You could use any flavor of cake mix and you can add your own ingredients such as coconut, pecans, cranberries and of course, chocolate! This is not an ad for Duncan Hines, it is just what I happened to have and I am assuming that you can use any brand of mix. I am excited to try this recipe with different flavors!

And everything worked out perfectly because my son was able to leave homemade cookies for Santa Clause and of course some carrots for all of the reindeer too.  Merry Christmas!  Enjoy the Cookies.