Did you know you can get a sunburn on your eyes? I have done this many times in my life. It has happened to my children growing up in the Arizona Desert. It is easy to tell when it happens because your eyes are bright red in a horizontal line across the whites of your eyes in the section where your eyes were squinting from the sun but still open enough to see. It often happens in the snow and water where the light is not only coming down around us but also reflecting back from the surfaces; especially in higher altitudes. This can lead to serious eye damage. Even regular exposure to sunlight over time is a direct cause of eye and vision problems. Cataracts are directly attributed to UVB exposure in 10 percent or more cases worldwide. Eye cancers and eyesight degeneration are linked to exposure to direct sunlight and tanning beds.

The best way to protect and prevent these eye issues and blindness of course is by wearing sun glasses. With a solution being this easy and cool at the same time it should be a no brainer to outfit everyone in the family with shades!

Often times we will see parents and caregivers wearing sunglasses to protect themselves, yet the children with them are exposed to the sun and often times have eyes that are much more sensitive than the adults! 

Please keep your eyes safe by wearing sunglasses. They come in all styles and sizes to suit babies to the elderly. Make sure that they are UV protective lenses. 

Make sure you wear them. Start kids young so that they develop this good habit as second nature and maintain their best vision possible.    It is important. 

As another preventative measure you can look up the daily UV Index Forecast
by your zip code or city and state.