First of all, in case you didn’t know, CBD is not the part of marijuana that gets people high. The psycoactive ingredient on pot is THC. The CBD oils for sale to help physical ailments does not contain THC and does not produce any kind of “high”. A report from the World Health Organization, “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential…. To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

Now that that is cleared up let’s talk about what ailments people are using CBD to treat.

CBD has become so popular because it is considered a safe alternative to prescription and over the counter pain relievers. It is also said to relieve anxiety and depression naturally. CBD is natural because is is extracted from the cannabis plant and then diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. There is plenty of scientific evidence that CBD work as a legitimate cure for many things.

CBD for Chronic Pain

CBD reduces inflammation that is often a primary cause of pain. CBD also interacts with neurotransmitters to decrease the intensity of pain if not relieving it altogether during use. While a combination of THC and CBD is required for intense pain, CBD is known to alleviate muscle soreness, nerve pain (like carpal tunnel) and joint pain (like arthritis) as well. CBD products also reduce inflammation to stop pain. This Hemp Pain Cream has a money back guarantee that it will help with pain and swelling when used topically on the body.

CBD for Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

CBD is known to be great for relieving anxiety by relaxing the mind and body without any “high” effects. It has also been linked to calming social anxiety including public speaking and even calms OCD behaviors. The CBD tablets here also contain Omega 3’s commonly known to ease anxiety as well, so this blend is fantastic for stopping anxiety and causing a positive mood. In addition, CBD oil as in this product will reduce pain, reduce stress and has also been scientifically shown to provide mental clarity rather than a foggy sensation or sleepiness that many anti-anxiety medications can cause.

CBD for Sleep

CBD is proven in scientific studies to cure insomnia. It alsocures the two major problems of insomnia by helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. CBD provides relaxing and calm feelings which make it great for anxiety but when combined with known natural sleep aids like chamomile and melatonin, it provides incredible sleep without drowsiness upon waking. It is also non-habit forming and natural. The product below has a money back guarantee and contins many other sleep inducing natural ingredients to make it an efficient and effective sleep aid.

CBD is absolutely proven effective for pain, anxiety and sleep. It is touted by some as a cure for cancer, epilepsy and other illnesses although the research at this time is not sufficient to make these claims. There is strong evidence that it could treat acne due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is also linked to helping with heart disease. We can watch for further research to confirm this and other claims. For now there is a huge population of people that will be ecstatic to have a solution to pain, anxiety and insomnia.

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