Ok, so maybe I share TMI on my blog, but when I have real problems and find real solutions, I HAVE to share it with you. I have always had smelly feet since birth. (Just another one of my curses) But I cant help it because did you know that there are more sweat glands in the feet than anywhere on the rest of our bodies? Yep. This is a scientific health problem people! I have tried many things over the years but never found a cure. I have however, been successful in treating the problem and have realized that using many treatments at the same time and switching them up really does have the most success. I am going to give you a good list of solutions that work for me and will probably work for you too!

Get these tips on how to treat your stinky feet this summer @dapperhouse

First, there are 2 rules that must be followed and never be broken. . .
Rule #1. Always wash your feet and nails WELL and dry them before putting on a pair of shoes. It does not matter if you are running late, take a minute to wash and dry your feet before it gets ugly. And use antibacterial soap!

Rule #2. Do not wear the same shoes everyday or for long periods of time. This creates bacteria that grows in the heat and moisture and makes everything continue to reek.

Here is a list of healthy practices to try out on your own:

  • Always try to wear socks with natural, absorbent fabric that lets your feet Β  breath. Cotton is good.

beat the stink this summer with these helpful tips for your feet! @dapperhouse

  • Never, ever wear the same socks twice in a row.
  • Bleach your socks if they are white. Soak in baking soda if colored.
  • If you cant wear sock with your shoes, treat them with odor blocking and germ fighting products. There are sprays and powders sold in drugstores that are made specifically for treating the feet and shoes.
  • Only treat feet that are clean and dry.
  • Use strong soap and a brush to scrub bacteria and dead skin cells from your feet. Get under your toenails and between toes.
  • Have a separate antiperspirant/deodorant just for your feet and make sure it is a “clinical” or “extra” strength. Apply it to your feet before putting on shoes.
  • Use hand sanitizer throughout the day to keep bacteria from growing on your feet. This can be done quickly and will dry quickly from the alcohol so you can be discreet.
  • When you take shoes off to put them away, use a cleansing wipe or baby wipe to wipe out the dirt and sweat from inside the shoe. Then treat it with a powder or spray and let them air out.

soak your stinkers in an odor and bacteria fighting bath @dapperhouse

Put your CLEAN feet in a healthy and antimicrobial foot soak often (Daily if needed) by using 1 Gallon of Water mixed with the following:

1/2 cup baking soda (neutralizes acids and destroys odors)

5 strong green or black tea bags (Keeps feet from sweating)

1 cup hydrogen peroxide (kills bacteria & odor)

as specified, use bath salts and soaks that are specifically for feet

1/2 cup epsom salts

1/2 cup lemon juice (from natural lemons is best)

Foot soaks are best when done for at least 10 minutes but up to 20 minutes. You can mix these ingredients for different results.

  • Stay hydrated! Many of the strong smelling foods that we eat such as fish, garlic and even veggies can be moved out of the body through the sweat in our feet. Drinking lots of water helps the body eliminate wastes more efficiently and dilutes your sweat.

Stay hydrated to cure smelly feet @dapperhouse

  • Try wearing sandals or shoes that are made with a breathable weave fabric in between wearing boots and athletic shoes. Take your shoes off at your desk or whenever you can do dry out Β both your feet and your shoes.

The bottom line is that most foot smells are from bacteria that grows rampantly on feet, socks and shoes. Eliminating this from the start with diligent prevention is the best way to deal with it. Treating the symptoms is a must to get back to a fresh, clean place so work the foot soaks and shoe cleanings into your routine. IF all else fails try talking to a doctor about your diet or other medical treatments that could help you once you have run out of options. You don’t have to live your life feeling nervous or being embarrassed about foot odor!