As an elementary school student teacher I get frustrated losing precious 
classroom time because students can’t find their supplies.  
Calculators, Rulers, Whiteboard Markers, Pattern Block Templates …

 these are commonly misplaced items and often left behind in other classrooms 
when switching during the day for leveled learning groups.  
I cant just use a Sharpie and mark up all those school supplies
 because they are used each year by new students.
So, I began to search for a solution that I can use in my own classroom.

I heard a lot about Loveable Labels.

I wanted to try them out to see if they could really live up to their popularity.

I have been using them for weeks now to make sure they are worth it.
For example, 
This sippy cup has been used, abused and run through the dishwasher
all month long and the label looks as fresh and new as it did 
when I first put it on! 
 I am SO Happy to report that these are 
THE BEST Solution to 
Highest Quality Organizing and Super Fun Personalizing !
And best of all I found that kids really LOVE them
as much as the parents!

As an elementary school student teacher, and a parent 
I am Flipping Out Excited about 
Lovable Labels!

They are amazing because they were invented in the best way. . . 
by a mom who was solving the common problem 
of labeling every single item for childcare; 
from food containers and clothing to diapering items and sippy cups.

What do I love about them?
Practical: dishwasher safe, microwave safe, 
washer and dryer safe, sun safe, bleach safe…yep, 
all around durable and safe!

Fun:  Colors, fonts, graphics, shapes, 
100% personalized with so many options to choose from.

Practical:  I have lost literally hundreds of dollars from my 
son’s items getting picked up by another child. 
Many of us moms shop the same stores and the same sales so it is 
Not Uncommon for many children to have the same things. 

With Loveable Labels my son can check for his name and know it is his!! 
And if someone else picks it up, they will see his name and return the item!

When camps come this summer I will have Loveable Labels on every item he takes 
so that I am sure to get everything back.

Fun: Kids are proud of these labels, 
especially when they are involved in designing them on-line. 
Lovable Labels gives kids an increased responsibility for their belongings
 and confirms their ability to be more independent with their own organization.  
With 45 icons and tons of colors your child is sure to find a favorite!

Practical: Labels to alert people of food allergies and other conditions, 
like volunteer parents in the lunchroom, or babysitters.

Fun: When it seems like every child on the block has the same 
Super Soaker or Bike Helmet, kids can save the tears and the squabbles 
by picking out their items easily and playing without missing a beat.

Lovable Labels has truly earned their reputation 
and their growth is not based on hype, 
but necessary products that get the job done with lots of FUN! 

Not just for kids!

Great for keeping things labeled in Dorm Rooms.

Put them on the bottom of your pot luck dishes so it makes them easy to return.

Label books, DVD’s, Yard Tools and anything else you would 
loan out 
to friends and neighbors.

Order today and see for yourself what a difference these 
Lovable Labels can make for your family!  

You are going to be Glad that you did . . . 
they are a necessity!
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* The labels that I reviewed for this post were provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this personal review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by monetary or any other compensation. I was not paid for this review. 

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