DIY LEGO Spongebob Travel Play Set 

If you are anything like us, you have a lot of LEGOs left over from all the sets that you have purchased over the years. We put the sets together when we first got them, but then over time they became disassembled, the boxes were ruined and the pieces ended up in one giant container all mixed up. I decided to make some travel play sets out of the pieces we have left and wanted to share this Spongebob set with you. It is super easy to make and the kids love it!


  • 1 round plastic container that has at least 6 1/2“ of space on top for the LEGO pieces
  • 2 flat LEGO pieces that are 4 x 12 & one that is 6 x 12.
  • Strong Glue (I used E6000)
  • Enough LEGOs to fill the plastic container (2 cups)



Step 1. Line up the 3 LEGO pieces on top of the lid so that they make a rectangle. Use the craft glue to secure the flat LEGO pieces to the to of the lid. Let dry.


Step 2. Fill the container with leftover LEGOs from your Spongebob Sets.

Step 3. Take it on-the-go so your child can play LEGO wherever they want.

And the LEGOs are easy to pack and store to take on the go!


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