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ONe of the goals of my blog is to provide ways that parents can spend time with their kids in 30 minutes or less. This one is a great activity that provides learning, skill practice and fun all in one! Have fun with this easy DIY paper weaving craft for kids.

easy DIY weaving craft for kids - jenny at dapperhouse


  • construction paper in rainbow colors and 1 sheet of white
  • scissors


How to Make

1.) Fold the colored papers into 1 inch (or smaller) strips

step 1

2.)Cut the strips and set aside.

step 2

3.) Take the white piece of paper and make 8 folds down the long length of the paper. Then, make 7 folds down the short width of the paper. *Use accordion folds.

step 3

4.) Using the accordion folds, take the paper with four fold up and hold them together.

step 5

5.) Go down the length of the paper and cut 1 inch long slits into the four folds. If you are doing a rainbow, you will want to have 6 slits down the length of the paper.

step 6

6.) Open up the paper to reveal the slits and flatten out the paper so that your child can start weaving.

step 7

7.) Let your child weave the paper into the slots until completed.

step 8

It will look like this when completed.

step  9

What an easy and fun way to spend time with your child (in under 30 minutes).