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I like a lot of different styles but something inside me has such a fondness for shabby chic. This mason jar craft is a perfect touch to shabby chic decor and it is really simple to make! Use any color you like (I chose white) and use them for party centerpieces, night table decor or a thoughtful gift!

white final pin image

  • mason jar
  • light blue paint (for glass or multi surface)
  • paintbrush
  • artificial or real flowers
  • floral foam (optional)
  • sandpaper
How to Make:
Step 1.) Paint the outside of the mason jar and let dry. This may require two coats depending on how you want it to look. (The one shown has two coats.)
WHITE - paint the outside of the jar
Step 2.) use sandpaper to rub paint off the jar is specific areas. Make certain to go over the raised parts of the glass so that the designs show well. Add a bit of wear here and there using gentle pressure with the sand paper.
WHITE sand the jar
Step 3.) Put floral foam in the bottom of the jar (optional) or just add the artificial flowers. For real flowers add water.
white final horizontal