You are at STEP 3 Discussing What is Really Important with your Child (Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow) in this series to spend quality time with your child while making a St Patrick’s Day craft. For this step you will need the black construction paper, metallic sharpie or paint pen, scissors, yellow paint and light weight white paper.

st patricks day multimedia childrens art lesson and activity image 1 @dapperhouse

First cut out a pot form the black construction paper that will fit at the bottom of your rainbow paper.

Tell your child about how finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow has been the dreams and wishes of many. (As a child I would run through fields and climb up hills to try and find it myself!) While you are making this craft with your child it is a great time to make the connection with people chasing the pot of gold to chasing the dreams and hopes of the good things in life. Help your child think of things that are priceless and important in life. We made a list that looked like this:

kindness, sisters, brothers, pets, sharing, hugs, honesty, caring. . .

Then put these “treasures” into the sentence “________ ┬áis like gold at the end of the rainbow.” Ask your child to choose one that he/she finds especially important to write on the pot of gold.

Kindness is like the gold at the end of the rainbow Craft and Activity @dapperhouse

Next cut out a piece of white paper to go on top of the pot and have your child dip their finger into yellow paint and tap it onto the paper to make the gold coins. This should dry quickly but you can also speed up the process by waving it in the air of a hair dryer.

little fingers dipped in paint and tapped on paper make gold at the end of the rainbow for multi media At. Patrick's Day themed Art & Craft @dapperhouse

You are now ready for STEP 4.