Ideas to Display Your Holiday Cards 
It is never too early to get a start on the Holiday Season!

Lets Just Start out with Martha Stewart’s Perfect idea
 and then move along….

This one is practical, easy, and requires only 
a tension rod, ribbon and clothespins!

This one takes a bit more craftiness skill, but a canvas or 
board and any type of clamps, like clothespins will do 
to make a custom accent to match your home.
I tend to like the idea of a wreath, especially when filled with
 cards it looks cool.
Here is an easy version using an embroidery hoop.

You could cover a Styrofoam hoop with fabric, paper, or ribbon, hang,
then use pins to secure the cards to the wreath.

And a Harder version where you string the 
clothespins and beads on wire.

And what about taking a regular box and decorating it to your hearts desire…
You could do a little or a lot with Holiday Craft accessories. 
And  make sure to display your box in a place where 
everyone can leaf through 
your cards while admiring your craftiness. 
More ideas….
Empty frame and wire..I LOVE THIS

In the window for all to see…
Fireplace Display

                                        * as usual, photos are linked to source whenever possible

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse