Mint Green Matching Game for Teen Girls

Who says that kids should have all the fun? Teens love playing games and showing off their competitive side. Mint is a popular color with teens and the prints are perfectly trendy. I will show you how to make this sophisticated set of matching tiles for your teen girl.


  • 6 different scrapbook paper prints in mint green
  • 6 wooden disks 1 ¼” wide
  • A circle craft punch that makes 1” disks
  • Modge podge
  • Paintbrush



Step 1. Use the circle craft punch to cut out 12 circles. You must have two identical circles from each sheet of scrapbook paper so that they are a matching set.

Step 2. Use the paint brush to brush a layer of Modge Podge onto one side of the disks.

Step 3. Add the circles to the center of the disks (make sure they are centered and that the edges are flat to the disk.)

Step 4. Let these dry a few minutes (until the glue is clear) and then add a generous coat of Modge Podge to the paper circle and the disk to create a sealed surface. Let dry completely.

Step 5. Turn the disks face down and mix them up.

Step 6. Arrange the disks into 4 rows of 3.

Step 7. Take turns flipping over two disks at a time until you get a match.

Step 8. The person with the most matches wins. If there is a tie, play again!

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