I am so excited that plate collections displayed on the wall are back in style! Flea Market Style Magazine and all the hot blogs are really promoting this design trend. I love this because it makes it easy and fun to make a personality mark in your home decor through the plates that you pick and in your choice if design on the wall. It is a wonderful trend because you can take those odd spaces in your home and fill them with plates for a perfectly purposeful look!
so what is your thing?
You could go the traditional route and by a hanging display rack that even comes with the plates!! (I had Holli Hobbie Plates around my room as a child…mom had country blue ducks …grandma had Thomas Kinkade looking plates from a plate of the month club from the newspaper I think).

If you are like me and want to do your own thing, the possibilities are endless!
You can find gorgeous plates everywhere, form Thrift stores to Target and you can even make your own at a Paint-Your-Own-Pottery place which is really fun, creative, AND you can make whatever is in your head that needs to get out onto your wall.
Here are some examples of a little to a lot, from symmetrically organized to asymmetrically perfect, and more. I hope these images inspire you to create a cool, exciting and up to date space in your home!
One of my FaVoRiTe Blogs is artist Lisa Congdon. Look what she did with her kitchen wall…

Here are some more similar asymmetrical designs although I am not sure who the credit goes to.

Awesome right! Something easy and fun to find,
easy to do, and really fun, personal wall art!!

Here are some symmetrical and formal designs that also look grand!

Kelly Wearstler creatively mounted Spode plates on the outdoor wall of the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica.

This one shows similar color and form…
These pictures definitely show the versatility in hanging plates.
From whimsical to artsy to upscale and traditional, plates are waiting for you to do your thing!
How kitsch would it be to collect a plate from every state!
Endless possibilities my dapper friends! Fun Project People!
Post pictures of your before and after spaces with plates or your good ideas using plates!
! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse