Lipsticks have been an important part of women’s and men’s makeup since ancient days. From Egypt to China and more, cultures have used make up in general including face makeup, long nails and perfume as an indication of power and status within a society. Lipsticks in particular were made from crushed gemstones, bugs, red and yellow dyes, beeswax, and more. 

It was much later in the 19th and 20th centuries when the fashion world began to promote the use of lipsticks and was more acceptable by society, women began to use lipsticks in photographs or special occasions. Fast forward, lipstick is now an essential item in every woman’s bag. These days, women will feel bare or naked without wearing lipstick.

In the old days, lipsticks were limited to just a few shades. In this modern age, there is no limit to the lipstick shades available in the market. From the common pink and red to the loud colors of blue, black, orange, green, purple, etc. Whether it is the lighter shade or the bolder ones, it all depends on how adventurous the individual is to try new colors on their lips. 

To some women, lipstick is just to add some color to the face and that’s it. But most of us women know that there is a different shade for every look. A little dab of a particular shade of lipstick on your lips to match your outfit makes a lot of difference. The wrong shade could sabotage your entire look and all your effort on the makeup could go to waste.

Let us consider the latest purple lipstick trend. We see many celebrities and everyday women with various purple shade on their lips. The purple may range from the lighter to the darker shades. Just like any other lipstick shades, you will have to choose the shade that suits your skin tone. Certain shades will look great on you and some shades may even give you a sexy look, or a nice chic look.

Photo credit Femina

If you are keen to find out which purple shades suits you best, you can check out some great tips offered online by beauty experts. They will guide you in matching the right shade with your skin tone and guidelines on makeup too.