The popular culture acceptance of the
Fifty Shades Series
has created a mini revolution for many women in that
it has given many of us the 
opportunity to explore more about pleasure regarding
ourselves and our relationships.


For many women like myself
(mid-life, married for many years, stressed and busy) 
it has sparked a renewed interest in moving out of the predictable, 
and into heating things up with our partner.
In the books, we live vicariously through Anastasia as she is given an education
by Christian in ideas and role play that she had never experienced before. 
 Ana’s willingness to try new things
 has given us the green light to 
be more open to new things and to be forthcoming
about desires and needs. 

Because my blog is mainly directed toward women,
I thought it would be fun to do a
     Fifty Shades of Grey Giveaway     
In this giveaway I am offering two separate prize packages.
* You MUST be 18 years or older to view this content and enter this giveaway.
* If you are 18 years or older you may click
“read more” to enter the giveaway.
If you are under the age of 18 go get an adult to assist you
in finding internet content that is suitable for your age level
and do not read this blog post. 

In this giveaway I am offering two separate prize packages.

The FIRST is my personal set of the Fifty Shades Trilogy

This prize is great for those of you who have heard
the hype but haven’t read them yet.

The SECOND Prize pack is a $50 gift card to the 
website Eden Fantasys. Great for those of us who
have read the book and have been curious
to try something new and exciting with our partner. 

* You MUST be 18 years or older to view this content and enter this giveaway.
* Open to US and Canada.

When partnering with Eden Fantasys I pitched them with the 
idea of the Fifty Shades Giveaway.
They loved it and in lieu of the theme
they sent me a light bondage kit 
 for experimental play. 

If you think that you and your partner may be 
 interested in trying some of what you read in the 
book(s), there are many options to try that are safe and fun.

You can check out these kits for starters. 
The Eden Fantasys site has so many toys, books, products and 
more that you will find plenty of ways to spend your 
$50 gift card when you win.

You can have even more fun shopping With your Partner!
Not into the whole “scene”? 
No Problem!
There is a large beauty and body section on the site
with products from make-up to perfume so you can keep it 
as clean as you like.

I have ordered from Eden Fantasys previously and was 
100% satisfied (pun intended) 
with their site and strictly business, customer service. 
If you want to go shopping for yourself and/or your partner
right away because you cant wait, they are having 
really great sales right now (for my bargain hunters)!
You can enter on the rafflecopter below to win 
either one of the prize packages. 
Good Luck my dapper friends. 

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! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse