Cherries are in season right now and my family has been enjoying big bowlfuls every day. Not only do they taste amazing but the health benefits make them the perfect summer snack food. From slowing down overall aging to fighting cancer, the cherry is an antioxidant super food that rivals any other.

antioxidant smoothie with cherries @dapperhouse #recipe


Cherries get their bright red color from anthocyanins, an antioxidant flavonoid that provides health benefits like overall lower diseases and conditions.  Specifically, diabetes, heart conditions and Alzheimer’s are among those that science is finding a correlation.  Eating fresh cherries can regulate the immune system, strengthen capillaries, and improve blood sugar metabolism.  The anthocyanins are proven to sharpen memory and boost brain power. They are 100% proven to relieve the painful symptoms of gout. They are low in potassium too if that is part of your special diet, like it is for my husband who is in renal failure.

Did you know that cherries are a nutritious antioxidant @dapperhouse and a smoothie #recipe

Researchers have determined the effect of fresh cherries on human participants through blood samples and found that cherries lowered the levels of uric acid, C-reactive protein and nitric oxide. This means that inflammatory conditions such as gout, arthritis and cardiovascular disease are proven to be chemically reduced just from eating raw cherries.  Results like this are exciting because we have a new way to eat our way to improved overall health and wellness.  And while cherries have a short growing season, the nutritional benefits are outstanding  and can be obtained by incorporating frozen cherries and cherry juice into our everyday diets.

This is my favorite Cherry Vanilla Smoothie Recipe because it has Ground Flax Seed to make it thick and fill me up for a long time!

Cherry Vanilla Smoothie Recipe

1.) Wash 12 – 15 chilled cherries. Remove the pits and toss into the blender.

remove the cherry pit before serving or adding to recipes @dapperhouse antioxidant and recipe

2.) Add 1/2 cup of Vanilla Greek Yogurt to the blender

3.) Add 1/4 cup ground Flaxseed Meal (Or Chia Seeds or whatever suits your dietary and nutritional needs)

adding flax seed to smoothies makes them filling and healthier Cherry Vanilla Smoothie recipe @dapperhouse

4.)  Add 1/2 cup of liquid. I use soy milk but you can use Organic milk, coconut water, etc. Add some ice to the mix if you like!

5.) Blend and serve.

cherry vanilla antioxidant smoothie with pro biotics @dapperhouse