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It melts my heart that children get so excited about the little things in life. Especially when we as moms find creative ways to turn the everyday things into something extra special. Like a healthy snack, for example. Baby carrots and hummus is a go to snack for kids because it is easy, tasty and yummy. With only a few minutes more however, you can present your child’s healthy snack with some creativity and fun! Here is how you can make “Carrots in the Garden”.

How to make this Carrots in the Garden Healthy and FUN snack for kids - DIY - jenny at dapperhouse

• 1 tub (7 oz.) original hummus
• 1 package of baby carrots
• 1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa
• (optional) celery stock leaves
Supplies Needed:
• A sharp kitchen knife
• Clear plastic cups (found at Dollar Tree)


1. Using a spoon, fill your plastic cup with the hummus. (1) 7 oz. tub will fill 1 cup entirely to the top. You can purchase smaller sized cups to be able to make more with 1 tub of hummus.

Healthy and FUN snack for kids hummus and carrots garden snack - jenny at dapperhouse
2. Use a spoon or small food strainer to spread the unsweetened cocoa on the top of the hummus. This will be your “dirt”.

How to make carrots in the garden fun snack for kids - jenny at dapperhouse
3. Take the pointed end of a knife and hollow out a small hole in the top of a baby carrot.

How to make a fun and healthy snack for your kids - jenny at dapperhouse
4. Place a bit of hummus into the hole and place one of the celery leaves in it. This will make it look like a real carrot.

How to make a super cute and healthy snack for kids - jenny at dapperhouse

5. Stick the carrots a little ways into the hummus cup for a super cute, delicious and nutritious treat!

DIY Healthy kids snack - jenny at dapperhouse