Having as much light in your home as possible will make the space feel cleaner, bigger, and more freeing. Some of us might not know how is best to enhance the internal light. If so, you have come to the right place.

From why you should add eco-friendly lighting to exterior features, here is how to add more light to your home. 

Exterior features

Many will assume that enhancing the light inside your home is only possible by adding or removing internal features. However, the external features of your home might play a part in why your home isn’t as bright as it could be. 

For instance, you might have tall trees blocking your bedroom window. Or, your kitchen might be dark due to adding the wrong type of car parking space to your front garden. Something as simple as adding a flyover carport will increase the natural airflow and light through your carport, allowing you to attain more light in your window facing the parking space. It will add depth and dimension to the exterior of your home and ensure that the car parking space does not hinder your internal light. 

Choose the right light bulbs

You might not have installed the best light bulbs to brighten your home. If you add orange-toned low-wattage bulbs to your lamps and overhead lights, you will hinder your lighting in the evening. 

Instead, you should add LED high-wattage light bulbs that mimic natural lighting so that when the evening does draw in, you can attain brightness and airiness in your home. These are cost-effective and reliable for making your home feel bright and spacious regardless of weather or time. 

Consider your mirror placement

A brilliant way to increase the light in your home is to consider and adjust your mirror placement. If your mirrors are not facing toward the light, they will not work their magic and bounce light around the home. 

Seeing as mirrors are reflective, they are great for bouncing light around the home and making it feel more spacious. Carefully place your mirrors toward a light source. Plus, the more mirrors you add, the more light can bounce around. 

Neutral colors throughout the home

If you enjoy dark tones and colors for your interior, this could hinder the light in your home. Like mirrors, light and neutral paints and decorations will help bounce the light around the home. Dark paint and features will absorb the natural light, making spaces feel smaller and darker than they need to. Therefore, consider adding new paints and lighter features to help make the space look and feel airier. 

If you do enjoy dark features, add them in small doses. Dark cushions and candles can feature in rooms and not hinder the light source too much. Maximizing the light in your home and installing dark features is still possible; you simply have to be smart about it. Consider adding more light features than dark for the best results.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov