Yeehaw!  It’s fall and that means all the sales and discounts are out.  There’s plenty of fall fashion on the racks.  Here is some popular fall fashion people are buzzing about. When it hits September/October it is officially cowboy boot season.  Cowboy boots are all the rage for the average country girl and guy.  Even if you’re not a big country goer, these boots are still a fashion trend and can be dressed up to match your style.  Deviate away from the leather towards the corral boots and fancy laced boots. Leather isn’t the only option.  If you are big on country-wear, then leather will be right up your alley.  For the cowgirls, the Western Toe Boots are popular.  They range from traditional to square or snip toe boots, and are all the style you need for fall.  For the fellas, exotic, western, and roper boots are pretty popular.  Depending on whether you want something flashy or plain and simple, it’s there!

Once you’ve got your boots, then it’s time to hit the jean aisle. Jeans are perfect for fall as they are stylish and keep you warm and looking good.  Miss Me Jeans are popular for the girls with their embroidered pockets and stitched flap pockets.  The Miss Me Jeans boot cut is popular for its flare and ability to show figure.  This cut extenuates the thighs and hips to show off your figure.  If ladies want something more plain then traditional blue jeans will make the cut for fall fashion.  There are all kinds of brands to meet your style.  For the fellas, it’s time to whip out the denim.  Denim is strong and sturdy for supporting your everyday activities.  It’s just a plus that they’re stylish.  You can get jeans anywhere from casual to retro and they’ll go perfect with your boots!

After you’ve got your jeans, a belt buckle is next.  It helps to show off your jeans and there are many different styles for the guys and gals.  It is a fun accessory to dress up your outfit and is a popular trend. You can have a big flashy buckle that will show off your country-side or stick with a smaller buckle that will make your outfit flow.  Either works depending on your style.

The last piece is the shirts.  Flannel and denim shirts are popular among both the cowboys and cowgirls.  If you’re really looking to stick with fall fashion then try wearing flannels with fall colors such as red, orange, or yellow.  These three colors, along with your occasional brown, are popular in fall and go well with your jeans.  Girls, if you’re not a flannel or denim fan then that’s okay.  Match your jeans up with a casual knit shirt, a fashion shirt or a western shirt with a little bit of embroidery.  These shirts are a little classier, and are still western-inspired.  You can dress these up with cardigans or some flashy jewelry to be decked out for the fall season.  Guys, same goes for you.  Flannel and denim shirts aren’t your only option.  Another popular fall trend is your basic long sleeve or short sleeve T-shirt.  They can be burnouts, vintage or logo t-shirts. They are all popular trends and they go well with jeans.  Western shirts are great, too!

We’ve covered fall fashion from the bottom up so now it’s time to decide what country-style is best for your fall look.  Whether it’s the Miss Me Jeans for the ladies or the denim jeans for the guys, all these will look good.  Tis the season!

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse