It’s well evidenced and accepted that exercise is a very good activity for humans. Our physical health and mental wellbeing are interwoven to such an extent that it’s difficult to maintain one without the other. Exercise causes our bodies to release the hormones which make us feel happier and calmer such as serotonin, dopamine and endorphins which make us less susceptible to depression and anxiety, but are there other ways in which cycling can improve our health and wellbeing? There is plenty of evidence which shows us that cycling is a great way to improve the quality of our lives. Here are 5 cycling tips which show you how.

1. Connect with People

Cycling – especially when you join a cycling group – is a great way to connect with the people around you in the world. You need to show support and courtesy to other cyclists as well as pedestrians and motorists. There are plenty of cycling clubs and online platforms which promote the social side to cycling such as Ride Social.

2. Get more active

Cycling is a fantastic exercise as it can be done all year round, improves muscle tone, is low-impact on joints and improves your cardiovascular system, even when you do so at a low intensity. It is also associated with reduced rates of anxiety and depression and can be done at any age.

3. Improve confidence

Trying something new is a great way to build confidence, and cycling is ideal. By joining a cycling group you’ll get the opportunity to meet new people, travel to new places, improve your skills and fitness. In fact, many people come to cycling having experienced a trauma, illness or accident who are looking for a way to improve their fitness and confidence. You may be nervous at first, but as you push your comfort zone a little wider each time and achieve your goals you’ll improve your confidence levels significantly. 

You can start as small as you’re comfortable with at first, but each time you cycle you can go a little further or ride a little faster. If you are recovering from an accident which was not your fault, you may be able to claim compensation. Talk to The Compensation Experts today to find out if you could be eligible. 

4. Opportunities for volunteering

Cycling can also open up a lot of opportunities for volunteering and getting involved in the local community or cycling group events. It could be by encouraging new starters, coaching young people or helping out with races, but the sense of personal reward you can gain from offering your time for free is incredible.

5. Improving Mindfulness

Cycling is not only a physical activity, it requires you to be in the moment and focused on both your body and your environment to keep yourself safe. Cycling can take you to some beautiful places in the world which you’ll be able to enjoy right there in the moment, breathing in the fresh air and feeling the wind and sun on your skin. This is sometimes referred to as mindfulness and encourages you to focus on what’s happening here and now and not to dwell on negativity, worries or past experiences.