Eco-friendly lighting is becoming a popular feature in many businesses and homes. One of the most used electrical items in the home is lighting, with about 15% of household bills being spent solely on lighting the home. We use lights every day, so switching to an eco-friendly version can have significant impacts on the environment, and your bills. Below we look at some of the amazing benefits of eco-friendly lighting.

They Last Longer

One of the great things about eco-friendly lighting options is how long they last. Not only are you getting a light that is better for the environment, but you are also getting a lot more lighting for your money. Modern LED lights can last a lot longer than incandescent bulbs. This will save you time changing bulbs and lighting fixtures in your home. If you have lights that are quite difficult to change, having lights that last longer is a much better option.

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They Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

If you are looking to do your part for the environment but aren’t sure how, switching your lights is a good start. Most electricity is created through fossil fuels, which have a negative impact on our environment. This is one of the reasons we are experiencing global warming and its harmful effects. The negative impacts global warming has on the environment are enormous, from natural disasters to forest fires.

Reducing the harmful emissions your household makes can help to make a difference for the environment. If everyone switched to eco-friendly lights, we could begin to reduce emissions significantly and curb the impacts of global warming. Eco-friendly lights need less energy to produce a strong light, meaning you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your bit.

They are Non-Toxic

Many normal light bulbs, such as fluorescent lighting, contain toxic chemicals that will end up in landfills. Mercury is one element contained in these bulbs, and as they cannot be recycled or re-used, we are contaminating the environment with every lightbulb we throw away. Eco-friendly lighting is non-toxic and will not further harm the environment or animals if it does end up in a landfill. Eco-friendly lighting is also recyclable and can be used again instead of filling up landfills.

They Save You Money

Not only do eco-friendly lighting solutions create a better environment but they can also save you money. Whilst eco-friendly lights may cost a little more to begin with, due to the amount of time they last, you are paying less for your lighting as there are fewer replacements necessary. Some LEDs can last 20 times as long as other bulbs.

Eco-friendly lighting will also save you money in your electricity bills, as they use less energy to light the room than standard bulbs. If you were to change all your lighting to eco-friendly bulbs, you would find your electricity bills begin to drop over time.

They Preserve Resources

There is a finite quantity of fossil fuels. Once those fossil fuels run out, we will not be able to generate electricity without the use of wind, sun, or water. Switching to eco-friendly lights is one way to preserve the resources we have left. Using too many resources is unsustainable, so something needs to change. If you want there to be something left for your children and grandchildren, we must act to preserve resources of fossil fuels wherever possible.

Other Ways to Help

If you are using eco-friendly lighting, chances are you want to help the environment and do your bit to reduce your household emissions. There are others way you can help, such as:

  • turning off your lights when you leave a room
  • dust your lighting, as too much dust will dim the lights
  • use natural lighting, such as windows, where possible
  • switch your energy supplier to one that offers renewable energy
  • install solar panels in your home
  • use automatic timers, or dimmer switchers

Following these tips and using eco-friendly lighting will cut down your bills and help the environment. If you are lighting the outside of your home, try to find solar-powered lights that will automatically turn on when it gets dark.

Understanding the effects of changing your bulbs from standard to eco-friendly will have you changing your bulbs in an instant. If you want to help the environment, cut down your household emissions, save the finite resources we have left on this planet, reduce your energy bills, and change your bulbs less often, eco-friendly lighting is the best option for lighting your home or business.