!!!TA  –  DA !!! The outdated basement from the 1970’s is updated with a fresh, new coat of Benjamin Moore Aura Paint because it is Low Odor, Environmentally Conscious and Long Lasting Gorgeous Color.
I still have to tackle the dark wood paneling with a few Serious Coats of Bright White, but for now the transformation of this space is making me feel very happy!

Aura not only makes the finest paint, but has also perfected a roller that works best
with their paint. This is not a sales gimmick either. The consistency of this paint is so thick
that it has to be put on with the right tools to make perfection possible.
I met a super sweet and smart rep at the store when I got the paint.
She was explaining that because Aura is thick and dries quickly,
you have to avoid going over it a second time before it is completely dry
or you may risk pulling parts of it off with the roller.
I took her advice and waited a day before doing my second coat
for a more durable and professional finish.
I had no issues at all.
The color is a complimentary color to the kitchen, with a touch more blue and
a shade lighter. I LOVE this paint and will never use anything else.
The fact that it goes on so thick and rich, covers perfectly and creates a deep
dimensional finish makes it worth paying extra for. Knowing that my boys
can drag their laundry baskets down and have their friends hands all over my
paint and all I have to do is wash it and have it look as good as it does now
is a time saving relief. There is a sense of pride you feel when your
home looks clean and fresh. I am proud of what I did here and
when I am over this terrible cold and flu, I will be finishing
all the walls in the basement.
Isn’t it smooth and gorgeous?
Thank you to bzzagent and Benjamin Moore!
See the process:

*I was asked to Try Aura Paint from Benjamin Moore through BzzAgent *