It’s Finally Here…
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Furniture Refinishing and Upcycle
DIY Tutorial: Rocking Chair Redo
Paint Color: Versailles
This is the Before Picture of the Rocker
that I purchased from a garage sale.
I pulled up the fabric to see what was underneath. 
The previous owner said that she had recieved the rocker in 1060’s
when she had her first child, but she doesn’t remember
if it was given to her used or purchased new.
Either way, at least 45+ years old.
In FAB condition!
I tore up the staples and nails and fabric to the frame.
I very lightly sanded, then painted on the
Annie Sloans Versailles in dry strokes to let the wood show through
and create a distressed look.
I used a heavy weight canvas cloth for the seat.
I measured and cut out a square with extra room on the
sides to fold over and staple so that the fabric does not fray from the weight
against the staples when the rocker is being used to
rock a sleepy baby, or enjoy a good book.
I used a staple gun to secure the cloth to the chair.
 I kept the staples very close to each other around the
entire square and double in the corners for strength.
Then I coated the entire canvas and staples with
a hardner that adds extreme strength to the fabric. 

I sanded the chair in all the right places to look naturally aged.
I also used some tools to add some distress that looks authentic for the piece.

Then I used some cool quilt binding and put it over the staples
using industrial glue for a permanent hold.
It can be used just like this, but for a comfy cozy fluffy old rocker
I recommend adding a large throw style pillow on the seat.
I wanted this piece to be able to go into any home or space
and be customized to fit the decor to the precise vision of the owner!
Close up photos of the Rocking Chair
! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse