I am truly SO Excited about this album 
wholeheartedly recommend this as a 
for anyone who has the opportunity to influence children.

I believe that in our current culture,
 Children and adults need to be truly inspired.

This album does with intensity.

Ellis Paul’s second family music album, 
The Hero in You
debuts this month on Black Wolf Records. 

The new CD is the first in a planned series focusing on
 heroes of all kinds.
Paul, who has been called 
“one of contemporary folk music’s most influential voices,” 
includes 14 songs, 
plus a colorful keepsake booklet featuring Paul’s illustrations. 

The Hero in You follows Dragonfly Races
Paul’s best-selling and Parent Choice 
award-winning 2007 family music album.

Known for his deeply felt and socially conscious songwriting, 
often about heroes, 
Ellis Paul was inspired by his own two growing daughters 
and four years of performing for families 
to write about people who contributed something to the world 
through their work and art.

The featured heroes include well-known personages like 

Benjamin Franklin
“Old Ben Franklin, I think we should thank him
He was the world’s most industrious guy
He said, Early to Bed, Early to Rise
makes a man Healthy and Wealthy and Wise”

Thomas Edison
“Now off he goes with another invention,
His mind is so filled with dreams and intentions!”

 Jackie Robinson
“No game was going to hold him back
Oh, He was called up 
To rise above all the shame
Into a world that was begging for a change
His courage belongs in the Hall of Fame”

Albert Einstein
“E equals m c squared
Energy is equal to mass times the speed of light
Your teacher confessed 
You’d never be a success
You put her theory to the test 
When you showed how the world was beautiful”

Rosa Parks
“Sometimes the best way 
To fight for a better day
Is sitting down
Not Fighting!
Sitting Down, make it right 
and sit down to stand up for your rights”

as well as some not as familiar, 
but just as noteworthy for their accomplishments. . . 

Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe, 
stood up to theU.S. Army and used peace over war. 

Woodie Guthrie, for writing “This Land is your Land”

and inspiring Americans by giving them hope through his music

much like Ellis Paul!

Augustus Jackson was one of the first
 African American businessmen. 

Martha Graham was an innovator in the world of American dance. 

Tee Tot was the behind-the-scenes musical mentor who made 
Hank Williams’ legendary career possible.

Nellie Bly 
was a brave journalist-adventurer who exposed injustice.

After entering to win his Awesome New CD and artwork, 
go check out his website; 
You can click on his radio player and listen to his songs!

Now that you know about the album and the artist, 
here is my review…

I not only LOVE this album, 
 I am Grateful for this beautiful gift to the world.

– Powerful & Important Messages for Every one at Every age

– Music that is easy for children to learn and sing along to 

– Music that appeals to adults 
(you will find yourself singing these songs out of nowhere)

FUN ! FUN !  FUN !

* I am ABSOLUTELY going to use this album as a Regular Feature in my Classroom.*

It teaches moral lessons and historical facts.
I love that there are children included in the vocals 
because it makes the music fun and draws in kids! 
I love that there are other sounds and audio clips included in the 
tracks to support the messages and make the ideas “real”. 

This album has a loud message that speaks to and represents
each unique person in our multi-cultural society.

Believe me, you will treasure this work of beautiful, musical art. 

Here is an excerpt from The Hero In You;
“Everybody’s got a story
Of all their troubles, all their glories
Tell me yours, you cannot bore me
I love to listen to you.
All your bumps and all your scratches
All your holes and all your patches 
Its you! Its true! You have no matches
There is a hero in you.”

Here is a song by Ellis Paul form a different Album that captures his spirit. 

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