Outer space is one of the most fun imaginary play themes for children. Making a sensory bin to scaffold children’s learning using outer space is a great idea because they will stay interested and have many opportunities to learn!

How to Make an Outer Space Sensory Bin - jenny at dapperhouse

I used some packages of dry beans and some of the following items:

  • Out-Of-This_World Toob of Space toys.
  • Glow-In-The-Dark Space Set
  • I laminated pictures of  the moon and planets.
  • I found lava rocks (moon rocks).
  • Bouncy Balls with patterns that look like planets.

how to make an outer space sensory bin - what to use - jenny at dapperhouse

  • Wooden stars and sun.
  • Include a small bowl, something to scoop and pour the beans, and a pair of tongs to practice hand-eye coordination.
  • Include space related books for children

outer space sensory bin DIY - jenny at dapperhouse

Tip: Make certain that you have a variety of textures.

DIY Make an outer space sensory bin - jenny at dapperhouse

Here you will find lots more outer space toys and supplies that you could use!

Outer Space Sensory Bin DIY - jenny at dapperhouse