As a parent, you know the importance of a solid education for your child’s future prospects. However, educating your child is not the entire responsibility of schools and teachers, and there are plenty of ways that you, as a parent, can supplement your child’s learning and instil in them a strong work ethic and love of learning that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. Here are four ways that you can boost your child’s education.

Find a personal tutor

Children often learn best when they are given personal attention from the teacher, ensuring that they firmly grasp each concept. However, this kind of individual attention is unfortunately not always possible in schools with big class sizes. If your child is struggling in a particular subject, hiring a personal tutor could help to boost their grades by providing them with the individual attention and explanation that they might require. 

Consider boarding school

Long gone are the days of shared dormitories and inedible meals. Modern boarding schools like Rugby School Thailand provide students with a nurturing home away from home in which they can fully immerse themselves in school life and develop vital personal skills and long-lasting relationships. This helps to develop the essential life skills of resilience and self-reliance in your child that will help them to get ahead in life. Boarding is available in a number of options. Weekly boarding means that your child will return home for the weekends, whereas a full boarder will remain at school for the whole term, returning home for the holidays. 

Take them on educational visits

At the weekend and during the school holidays, instead of leaving your children to watch TV and play video games you could take them on day trips to see educational and cultural sites. For example, a local museum or art gallery, or take them to watch a ballet or theatrical performance. Doing this will help to open your children’s eyes to the world around them and expand their minds. Furthermore, one positive of the coronavirus pandemic is that many performances and cultural events have been moved online, meaning that you and your children have the opportunity to participate even ff you are not lucky enough to live in an area with wide access to cultural events. 

Encourage them to participate and try new things

Learning is not only restricted to traditional academic subjects – there are many more skills to learn that may not be taught at schools. You might have a certain skill that you can pass on to your child, such as sewing or woodwork. Alternatively, look for child-friendly extracurricular activities that they can become involved with, for instance, dance classes, music lessons, or joining a sports team. Not only will extracurricular activities widen the breadth of your child’s knowledge, it can also teach them several vital life skills like teamwork, dedication, and resilience that will be essential as they grow older.