Some children take to reading like a duck to water; others require a bit more persuasion. Either way, it makes sense to encourage a reading habit in your kids from their early years, making sure they have a strong reading ability and good knowledge of history and culture as they grow.


Reading is a necessary life skill, so it’s important to get young people reading as soon as possible; the trouble is reading can also be a challenge; it takes patience along with an active imagination. Audiobooks are one way to bridge the gap and find the fun in reading early on. 

Some people don’t consider audiobooks reading, but for others, they are simply reading in a different form. Listing to an audiobook is preferable for some people – especially auditory learners – and if you encourage them to follow the words in book form too, it’s good for learning.

Book Love 

If you want your children to grow up loving books and reading as much as you, then model book love in their early years. Children are always curious about what the adults are doing, so if you always have your nose in a book, your kids will want to pick one up and find out about the fun. 

Children are very perceptive and curious; they will pick up on the things around them and the behavior of their parents. Reading is an important skill, but it also brings hours of joy to people throughout their lives. Create a bookshelf and fill it with book that you think your kids will enjoy. 

Book Nooks 

There is probably somewhere you love to read the most; it might be in a train as you travel, in your garden room during autumn, or in the bedroom with some aromatherapy on and the sound of rain outside the window. In short, you love a cozy space where you can switch off and read. 

Children are exactly the same, although their ideas of comfort will be different from yours. Create a book nook for them to hide inside and enjoy their reading time. A book nook can be anything from a dedicated room in the house for reading to a DIY fort or indoor tent space. 

Book Life 

Books are entertaining, but they are also educational; they can teach us about the culture we live in the past and the future. If you want to bring books to life, look for some local authors and find out more about their inspirations: you can probably go and visit some of the local sites. 

Create an immersive experience for emergent reader, and they will start to join the dots; the more things happen, the more relatable a book and culture becomes. For instance, you could find Shakespeare for kids then visit Stratford-upon-Avon for a vacation bringing literature to life.  

Final Thoughts 

Reading is a life skill that can improve your child’s grades and provide years of enjoyment. Why not start their journey into literature early? And they will have an excellent foundational knowledge of it when they get to school and university. It all starts with you and the inspiration you provide.   

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