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I had my ears pierced with a second hole in each ear when I was in my teens. I was so excited to wear a second set of earrings, but once they were healed, I realized that they were totally sensitive to anything but the Studex brand earrings that were used to pierce them with.

It is still this way today and I am definitely not alone. 1 in 3 women have this same sensitivity that is due to our body’s auto-immune intolerance to inferior metals. My issue is that even when some earrings advertise that they are safe for sensitive ears, I find after wearing them for a short amount of time that I am still too sensitive. I am unable to inject expensive earrings into our family budget so I have learned over and over that Studex is the brand that I know I can trust.

Studex’s Sensitive Earrings Collection is truly hypoallergenic and does not cause reactions or irritation to skin. The fact that they can be found in many locations and that they are completely affordable, makes them a godsend for me to be able to make use of my second earring holes. I wear a small pair from the Tiny Tips line that are also great for little kids with small ears.

I like to wear my two pairs of Studex earrings for days at a time. I will change out the first hole earrings if I am dressing up with other earrings that match my outfit, but then I will put my studs back in to wear around daily. I LOVE them.

It is always good to purchase the Studex After Piercing Lotion to maintain healthy ear skin and clean earring holes for good ear health.

You can find Studex earrings at many stores and go right to Amazon to shop online.

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Studex has been creating allergy-free fashion earrings for over 40 years and is the undisputed world’s leader and largest manufacturer of ear piercing instruments, earring studs, and piercing after care products, with all products made in the USA. Get yours today!