News that you or someone you know is having a baby can get you excited. But, often at times the excitement comes with a lot of expectations. In cases where you have to plan for a baby shower, it might not be as fun and smooth as you thought. The cost of a baby shower can be quite high especially if you don’t set up a budget and plan early.

From the cost of the DIY decorations, choosing party games, food and sending out invitations, hosting a baby shower can weigh you down.  But, you don’t have to break the bank to have an unforgettable baby shower. Go for minimal décor and use available materials such as vases, baskets, candles, and floral pieces for decoration purposes. The best and less costly way is to create your own decorations to save money. Here are affordable baby shower decoration ideas you can try out.


Balloons are among the cheapest party decorations you can purchase. When used and placed correctly in creative ways, balloon decorations can really change the décor of a room or space. They can be used to create a beautiful focal point by making them into either balloon centerpieces for the tables, arches, towers or hanging a balloon arch. All these add a visual appeal to your party décor with less money on decorations. They come in a variety of sizes which creates dimension and interest so try to find a way to blend the different sizes and colors to blend in with your baby shower theme.

Paper Fans

The use of paper fans/décor is a simple way to channel a retro vibe and a display that creates a fresh, modern feel. They can be made into honeycombs, paper lanterns, and paper flowers depending on your preferred design giving your space a glamorous look without spending too much. Simply ensure that you hang the paper décor in the right spots to make a beautiful statement. 


On-surface centerpieces that have been properly arranged provide a surface-top focal point. Depending on the number of centerpieces you would like to use and the space available, you can give your table an elegant look. For example, a sitting with more than 10 tables will require more centerpieces compared to a small gathering. Check out different unique arrangements for an eye-catching grouping.

When planning for a baby shower, always pick the right theme to make the overall decoration planning a lot easier.  The right theme will enable you to pick the right party decorations that will blend in with it. Avoid complex colors that are difficult to blend. In case you know the gender of the baby, you can do a theme around the gender. Here are more  unique baby shower decoration ideas.

Once you have picked baby shower decoration ideas that you would like to try out, find people to assist you with the planning. This can be your closest friends or relatives who can chip in and share an idea or two as well as responsibilities and costs.