With the weather finally starting to warm up for many of us and social distancing regulations being relaxed, you might be considering holding a celebratory garden party this summer to catch up with friends who you haven’t seen in a while. And in that case, it’s time to start thinking about how to transform your backyard into a gorgeous space for entertaining! Luckily there are plenty of options to choose from, so you’re sure to find ideas that suit the size of your garden and also your budget. Here are some pointers to kick things off.


Before you do anything else, you need to make sure that your yard is garden-party ready. That means jumping on the riding lawn mower and cutting the grass, weeding the flowerbeds, sweeping the decking, power washing the patio, and generally ensuring that the space is neat and tidy. These jobs might not be the most fun, but they are necessary – and you’ll be glad you did them once your guests arrive!


The next step to think about is where your guests are going to sit, and where they’ll eat if you’re having food. Outdoor furniture sets are extremely popular for garden use, so if you don’t already have one you should easily be able to find a table and chairs that match your garden. A nice touch is to boost guests’ comfort levels by purchasing lots of outdoor cushions to go with them. These can then also be used on the grass if people prefer. If you’re having a party with kids attending, having a separate seating area for them is a nice touch. Providing a shaded area during the midday sun is also a must for parties on hot days.

Food and drink

You’ll need to make sure that your guests have plenty to eat and drink while you’re entertaining, too. A BBQ has long been a popular choice for garden parties, but if the weather is a bit temperamental you could always cook in the kitchen and then serve the food outside under a canopy. Another nice touch is to set up a mini bar in the garden where people can get drinks – keeping everything outside also makes the clean-up a bit easier for you afterward!


Eating, drinking and chatting might be the main activities you have in mind, but it doesn’t hurt to have some lawn games on hand just in case your guests want something more active to do. This is especially true if they’re bringing children. From giant Jenga to swingball and croquet, the options are endless and there’s something to suit any theme you have in mind.


Speaking of theme, decor is a huge component of any garden party. Hanging up colorful bunting or balloons is a great way to get into the spirit, as is a welcome sign at the entrance to your yard. Meanwhile, fairy lights and lanterns are perfect for evening parties, and can transform any garden into a wonderland. 

Alternatively, if you have the room for it and are planning to stay up late, you could always get a fire pit going.