You can add some flair to your homemade fashion to revive older pieces, reuse them for different seasons or make something unique. It’s simply a matter of learning the skills needed and developing a unique style as you go. Here are some valuable tips to get started.

Accessorize with the Right Look

Accessories make your outfit more interesting. If you don’t have them, you might get bored with your clothes and look boring because you continually wear the same things. Popular choices include affordable jewelry like pieces from Jcunicorn that can be worn with almost anything. Also, accessories make your outfits last longer because you can change a few things and make them look different without losing the original style. Or making any amendments to a piece.

Straighten Up Your Stitching

When you make your own clothes, you’ll need to know how to do certain things. One of these is sewing. When the bobbin case is wrongly threaded, the top thread and the lower thread don’t work together. This makes stitches or feeds between layers of fabric that aren’t even. And if you don’t know how to sew right, your clothes will look funny, uneven, and the wrong size. Also, if you are working with faulty guide stitching, you won’t be able to add more details correctly.

Discover Trending Fabrics

The best example of how trends change is in fashion. But even if you don’t pay much attention to fashion, you can make your own designs stand out by using fabrics that are in style at the moment. You can also give new life to an old piece by adding new fabric to it. This makes your clothes instantly more eco-friendly. For winter 2022, there will be a lot more use of natural fibers like natural silk, cotton and linen, and eco-friendly materials like hemp and bamboo.

Incorporate Wearable Tech

You could use wearable technology in your designs to stay in touch with the modern world. The market and niche for clothes with extra features is growing. For example, you can buy jackets that have built-in Bluetooth speakers. Or, you can wear sports vests with sensors inside that send important information to your smart or medical device. Then there are designs that are simple but still work well, like LED light strips, which are interesting to talk about at a festival.

Learn from the Best

Since the Internet is what it is today, you don’t have to look very hard to find examples of trendy designs, new techniques, and original ideas. Even just on social media, there are a lot of stylish people like actress Julia Fox who make their own stylish clothes. Even greats like Michaelangelo learned from Domenico Ghirlandaio. But instead of copying, take inspiration from some of the best designers working today and learn the skills to develop your own unique style.


You can easily add some flair to your homemade fashion ensembles. Mix it up with accessories, incorporate trending fabrics, and take inspiration from some of today’s best DIY fashion designers. This way, you can make your pieces go further and develop the skills you need.

Woman working in crafting studio – Image Courtesy of Pexels