Keeping your house clean is one of the most important things you can do for your children. It’s also a great way to show them that you care about them and their well-being. But what if you don’t have time to keep the house clean? What if you live in a hurry and don’t have any time for cleaning? 

If you’re like most parents, you probably think of cleaning as a chore that needs to be done before bedtime. Here are four ways to keep your kid-friendly house clean.

  1. Clean As You Go

Cleaning as you go is a great way to save time on cleaning. It’s so easy to pick up after yourself as you go. Isn’t that what your parents told you as a kid? But even as an adult, it can be hard to make the most of each day and not get distracted by other tasks and chores. 

To help keep the house clean, do these things:

  • Pick up after yourself when you eat.
  • Wipe down your table or kitchen counter when you are done eating or baking.
  • Put the dirty dishes away immediately instead of letting them pile up in the sink or on a towel on your counter.
  • Use your napkin to wipe off crumbs from your table or plate before putting it in the trash bin.
  • Use wet wipes to clean off counters, tables and chairs anytime there are spills and crumbs. You can also adopt the multi-step carpet cleaning process to get rid of all the dirt.
  • Take out the garbage right after dinner instead of waiting until the next day.
  • If you are baking soda-sensitive, leave out a dustpan and brush near the trash bin so you can clean up after yourself as you cook.
  1. Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

Your bedroom is your sanctuary from the chaos of life. Make sure it’s a place where you feel relaxed and comfortable by keeping it tidy and organized. Avoid the temptation to sweep the dust under your bed; try to keep it neat and clean.

  1. Set Up A “Cleaning Caddy” For Frequently Used Cleaning Supplies

The fastest way to clean is by keeping the tools you need close at hand. Instead of running to the broom closet every time you want to sweep, or digging through a utility drawer when you need a dustpan or sponge, create a caddy with the things you use most often. 

This can be as simple as hanging a small plastic bucket on a door handle and keeping the things you use most often inside it. You may also want to include cleaning supplies like rubber gloves and toilet cleaner in your caddy, depending upon how often they’re used around your house.

  1. Keep Your Bathroom Clean All Day Long

Unlike cleaning up after dinner, cleaning doesn’t stop once you finish in front of the toilet. Cleaning your bathroom means keeping it clean all day long, not just when you shower in the morning.

First of all, keep your bathroom ‘tools’ in one place – this will help you avoid spending time looking for your toothbrush or razor. Secondly, ensure you clean up after yourself: Get rid of the water from your sink and keep the toilet dry after each use.


When one begets kids, it can be easy to get stuck in a routine. But all it takes to shake things up is a few simple changes, like using the timer on your coffee maker to turn on the light in your bathroom or turning off your cell phone when you want to talk face-to-face with someone in person. Change up your routine, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new ways to clean your house.