3 Secrets to Writing Blog Posts that People Want to Read

If you are starting a blog, you will need some insight into how to write the kind of posts that people want to read. You know what you are writing about (your niche) and you know who you are writing to (your target audience). Now you need to take that info and apply the following three secrets to your blogging and writing.

  1. Give people the inside scoop. Thing of the headlines in the papers. If you read that an actor is coming out with a new movie, you may think to yourself “I would like to go see that”. But if you read a headline like “What we saw when we peeked inside the studio” you will grab that paper and be excited to see what they found. If you are a foodie blogger and you give a recipe for holiday cookies you will certainly get some traffic for people who are looking for that recipe. If you take the readers into your kitchen with photos and you share a thoughtful or funny story about making the cookies, you are bound to have readers that are going to come back to see more. Let readers know that they are getting more than just the surface stuff. Take them behind the scenes and make them feel special (because your readers ARE special!)

  1. It’s all in a name.  Piggybacking off of tip number one, you can tell that headlines are your hook to get people interested in reading more. “Holiday Cookie Recipe” is a title that works because it says what it is and is SEO friendly. “The Unexpected Sweetness That My Holiday Cookie Recipe Brought to my Daughter” is a title that is still SEO friendly, but it has an element of interest that will pique readers curiosity. They will be invested in you, appreciate you sharing a touching moment and perhaps be inspired to make your recipe with their own kids exactly like you did. When contemplating post ideas, think of great titles that will catch your reader’s attention.

  1. Offer your readers a wealth of information. If you are going to write an article about the camping trip you took with your family, back that up with as much information as you can. People may enjoy reading your story, but the value of them gaining tools, tips and knowledge that they did not have before is an incredible benefit. It also helps you establish credibility and it makes people want to come back for more. So to stack the family story about the camping trip, you could also include the list of supplies that you brought with your, road games that kept the kids entertained and maybe a breakdown of how much a family should prepare to spend on a similar trip.

Use these three blogging secrets while writing incredible posts that make readers feel special, pique their interest and give them everything they need to know. While you are writing ask yourself “is this something I would keep reading and tell my friends about if I were my target audience”. If yes, then you are on your way to blogging success.