50 Awesome Ideas for a Blog (Start Your Own Blog)

Ready to start your own blog? You know you want to! Choosing a select niche is one of the biggest bits of advice you will hear because it keeps you focused, makes you an expert and builds a loyal audience rather than a fickle one. You need a great webhost and you need to know how to start. I use HostGator because they are an undeniable leader in web hosting.

Start your blog today using one of these 50 great ideas for a blog.

  1.  Volunteering (Talk about different charities, moving stories and ways to help)
  2.  Daily Motivation (Art, sayings, stories, prayers…)
  3.  National Parks
  4.  Acting Tips (How to be an Actor/ Actress)
  5.  Signs at Sporting Events (The signs people make about teams/players/etc)
  6.  How to Dress with Denim
  7.  Candy
  8.  Advances in medicine
  9.  Anonymous stories of life changing moments
  10. How to do learn to do things (draw, fix cars, find new restaurants, etc.)
  11. Hilarious Stories from parents about birth and beyond
  12. Going undercover to public businesses to evaluate their services
  13. Meas for families under $15
  14. Things to do with kids to build relationships and make memories
  15. A date idea for every day of the year
  16. Tips on resume writing and interviewing techniques
  17. Caring for Elderly Parents
  18. Role Play Ideas for Couples with costumes, story lines and more
  19. Making Recipes at home that mimic famous restaurant meals & drinks
  20. Not so funny dating disaster stories
  21. A doodle or drawing a day
  22. A grumpy old man’s guide to the good old days
  23. Song playlists for every occasion
  24. Fun Family Things to do in your area
  25. Your personal story of overcoming something and how you stay positive & motivated to continue (and to give hope and inspiration to others). Things like racism, addictions, life transformations, illnesses. . . anything you went through so that you can help people in your situation who need tips, guidance and ideas to make change.
  26. Current science news
  27. Indoor container gardening
  28. A DIY a day
  29. A free printable-a-day
  30. A math problem-a-day (or a puzzle a day) for readers to solve
  31. A short story-a-day  
  32. A fun fact-a-day
  33. A drink-a-day
  34. A book-a-day
  35. An exercise-a-day
  36. Learn about an animal-a-day
  37. Everything Legos
  38. Tips for taking tests at any age
  39. Everything about Mental Illnesses
  40. Failures and Successes in Parenting
  41. Tips for Small Business Owners
  42. Crafts made with Recycled Objects
  43. Christmas every day of the year
  44. A Deal a Day – coupons and more
  45. Tips for Men to be Better Husbands
  46. Strictly giveaways (list your own and others)
  47. Restaurant Reviews in your area
  48. Various Hobbies that one can pick up in their spare time
  49. Everything about craft beer
  50. Everything about birds (or any animal that you are passionate about)

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Start your blog today!