During the coronavirus pandemic, we have been told to stay in our homes more. This doesn’t make for a conducive way to lose weight, build muscle or burn fat. While we can eat healthy meals, it can be difficult not to slip off the nutritious bandwagon and slip into snacking and eating larger portions. With the pandemic has come anxiety and worry. This has led to some people using food as a crutch and losing their mojo when it comes to fitness. If you are on a fat burning mission, you might feel deflated if you can’t hit the gym. However, by thinking outside the box you can still achieve your fitness goals and burn fat.


If you are used to being a bona fide gym bunny, hitting the cross trainer three times a week, lifting weights every other day and partaking in a spin class once in a while, it can be a shock to the system when this comes to a halt. You need to discover ways to maintain your fat burning credentials at home. This is why you need to up the intensity of any workout that you do. By heading to the park with a couple of weights and a skipping rope, you can do short ten-minute fat burning bursts of fitness help you burn fat. By embarking on a mix of cardio and toning exercises that get your heart pumping and your respiration rate up, you will burn more fat. The short rest breaks don’t give your body time to recover meaning that you can start combating the hidden visceral fat in your body.


When you are not going hell for leather with the high-intensity workouts, you can head for a walk. Even the gentlest of strolls can help you to tap into fat stores, helping you to tone up. Walking also aids relaxation and can make you feel calm. Keeping your mental health in check during these incertain times is crucial to maintain your fitness mojo. It’s okay to head to fat buddha glass, enjoy a vape now and then, and go for a long walk in the countryside. Being surrounded by nature will allow you to feel reinvigorated and full of motivation to carry on with your fat burning journey. Walking uphill every so often and varying the pace will burn fat if you do it regularly enough.


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Go Paleo

It doesn’t matter whether you follow a plant-based diet or whether you still enjoy a bit of meat now and again, by cutting your carbs and increasing the protein in your diet, your body can go into a ketogenic state. This means that there is very little carbohydrate energy in your body, so your body resorts to burning fat. Even if you are having a lazier day, eating lean meat and broccoli or having a chilli tofu stir fry for dinner will keep your body in the all-important keto state. A paleo-based diet can also help you feel more energized and less bloated. Potatoes, bread and pasta can cause you to feel heavier and sluggish. Ensure that you supplement your keto diet with healthy snacks like nuts and fruit, and you can burn fat more easily.

Finding your mojo in these uncertain times can be challenging. Follow this guide and you can still burn fat and keep fit.