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Will you be buying a gift for a foodie or aspiring chef? Here are ten thoughtful and extraordinary gifts for the aspiring gourmet cook in your life!
10 Top Gifts for Foodies and the aspiring chef @dapperhouse

$40 The Flavor Bible – The Essential Guide To Culinary Creativity Based On The Wisdom Of Americas Most Imaginative Chefs

Also in Vegetarian version!

$20 Foodie Fight! The Serious Food Lovers Trivia Game

$49 Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler

$18 Amco Measuring Cup and Spoon Set

$50 Amazon Gift Card

$17 8-in-1 Colorful Multifunctional Kitchen Tool Bottle

$15 Stainless Steel Marinade Flavor Injector

$12 Blank Recipe Book – Cooks Journal

$20 Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling Gloves

$21 Digital Cooking Thermometer & Timer

What are your gift ideas for the aspiring chef or foodie?