Whether you’re a CEO or an artist, creativity is useful and even important. It’s so important, that 94% of managers consider it when hiring job candidates.

Creativity isn’t something you can turn on and off at will, but, like anything, the more you use it, the more creative you’ll be. Are you wondering how to boost creativity in your life?

Like most things, creativity takes time, patience, and practice, but there are some tried-and-true methods for boosting your creativity.

Keep reading for help with stretching your creative muscles.

1. Go for a Walk

Studies show that walking is good for creative thinking. Some of the world’s most well-known geniuses, like Einstein, used daily walks for time to think and creatively problem-solve.

If you’re stuck for a creative idea, try getting up and walking around. If possible, take a short walk outside.

2. Make a Mood Board
A mood board animates your ideas in living color. If you’ve never made a mood board, you should try it. A mood board offers visual inspiration for your ideas.

Drawing on pictures from magazines, books, and anywhere else you like, you’ll create aboard full of ideas. Later, the board itself serves as inspiration for your creativity.

You can use textiles, paints, buttons, and seashells. Don’t limit yourself!

Take a look at this post for how to make a moodboard.

3. Do a Quick Brainstorming Session
The key here is to make it a quick session. Take a regular notepad or piece of paper. Grab a pen or pencil. Put a timer on for 10 minutes and start writing. Write down any ideas that come into your mind. Don’t let your inner censor stop you. It doesn’t matter what kind of ideas or how “dumb” you think they are. There are no wrong ideas or answers. You don’t have to write these ideas down in an orderly fashion either. Write all over the page in any way that comes to mind. The act of brainstorming and writing boosts your creativity.

4. Take a Forest Bath

If your creativity is waning and you’re frustrated, it’s time for some forest bathing. This is harder if you live in the city but not impossible.

Find a natural place, like a park, lake, or wooded area and let yourself wander. This isn’t about walking. It’s about immersing yourself in nature.

Make sure you leave the technology behind!

5. Watch Funny Videos

Laughter is good for your health. It reduces stress, relieves pain, and improves your mood.

Sometimes, the more you try for creativity, the harder it is. You’re putting pressure on yourself and it causes stress. Creativity is about letting go, and laughter helps with that.

6. Listen to Your Gut

Stop listening to others and listen to your gut. In today’s world, it’s easy getting overwhelmed by social media influencers.

You may feel you lack creativity because you’re busy looking at everyone else’s creative
projects. Stop looking at social media and comparing yourself to others.

Listen to what your instinct tells you is right for you. Create what you’re driven to create, not what you think others want to see.

7. Embrace Sensory Distraction

This is like watching funny videos but it can be other types of distraction too. Listen to some music with which you’re not familiar.

You won’t sing along since you don’t know the words and that creates a slight distraction that moves your brain in a different direction.

Classical music is also good for this. The mild distraction frees up part of your mind for creativity.

8. Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

We all get in a rut now and then and that’s not good for our creativity. Do you have the same routine every day? It’s time to break out!

Daily habits keep us in our comfort zone but our comfort zone is often stifling. Do you have a hard time going out alone?

Make an artist’s date with yourself. Set aside a two-hour block of time to nurture your creative consciousness. Go to the museum, a junk store, or a restaurant that serves a type of food you’ve never tried.

The key here is to go it alone. This is a date with your inner child that offers insight, guidance, and inspiration. Try doing this once a month.

Take a notebook and write down any bolts of inspiration you get while you’re out. Creativity is about getting in touch with your playful side, the side that's not interested in coloring inside the lines. That’s not always comfortable but it’s often necessary.

9. Avoid Technology
While you’re out working on boosting your creativity, put your phone on silent, and avoid tech gadgets. You can’t always avoid technology while creating. Many artists work in Photoshop all day.

When you’re out jump starting your creativity, though, if you can leave the cellphone and other gadgets behind, your mind wanders where it wants to go.

10. Daydream
When kids are in school they’re often told to¬† “stop daydreaming!”That's unfortunate. Daydreaming is great for boosting creativity.

Daydreaming is your mind’s way of problem-solving. Pay attention to your wandering mind because it’s leading you where you want to go.

If you find yourself worried about boredom and turning to your computer or phone, take a break for some daydreaming instead. Your next best creative idea is hidden in your daydreams.

10 Ideas for How to Boost Creativity

If you’re wondering how to boost creativity, give some or all these ideas a try.

Creativity doesn’t always come just because you want it to. Like everything else, you have to practice.

When it comes to creativity, self-care helps too. If you’re short on sleep, eating poorly, and beating yourself up mentally, it’s hard getting creative.

Take good care of your mind and body, relax, and let the ideas flow.

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