I am still on bed rest from my knee surgery.
1 week down and 1 left to go. 
Yesterday I was feeling like I HAD to get out of the house, so I went
with my husband and son to the grocery store.
I almost fell down more that a few times because I am not used to crutches.
I hit a few people, knocked items off the shelves
and after 30 minutes of pure dumb I was ready to get back home where 
I clearly belong.
From my outing yesterday,
my hands and armpits are unbearably sore so that I cant even use the crutches.
My friend and neighbor brought dinner tonight which I gorged on because it
was a better meal than I have eaten in my favorite restaurants. 
I have been sitting at the table helping my little guy with his homework so my
foot is swelling up and I need to go upstairs and prop my leg.
Being that it is only 9:00 in the evening here, I have quite a bit of bedtime hassle to endure
 before I can get the kids under enough control that I may lie down.
Every night for a week I have had poor sleep having to lie with the hard brace around my 
entire leg and digging into my swollen knee causing it to pinch and ache with pain. 
Not to mention that I normally sleep on my side with my knees pulled up, 
so sleeping flat on my back with legs outstretched has 
left my back and neck sore all over and kept me from sleeping as well.
I can feel Karma Coming to Pay me Back for all the snide jokes I cracked
 when years back the drug companies began flooding the television with 
STUPID ads peddling their medication to cure the 
Newly Diagnosed Super Illness Threatening America
 . . .
 Restless Leg Syndrome 
(What I wouldn’t give for one of those leg relaxer pills tonight)
The swelling has gone down by more than half today!
I am turning a corner 🙂

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse