I believe that whenever a person is going to say something negative,
 it is best to say something positive first !!!
And, deliver the negative in a constructive and compassionate way. 
So, here…I love these shoes…want these shoes…
Jimmy Choo Kemp Boot…LOVE!

Now the negative…

I am NOT a fan of animal skin or fur look clothing…
not as an activist thing per se, 
(ok, maybe it is)
But I dont really care for the look.
This makes me Quite unfashionable these days as these
prints are trending hard across fashion. 

For example…(the shoes I DONT like)
Gaetano Perrone

with a hint of reptile.
snake, snake, and more snake.
Robert Cavalli

may be the death of me this season
and no, these are not shoes…
but the dresses form his winter collection that
 match the shoes put me 
over the edge!  
Christian Louboutin
(one of my FAVS)
also dissapointed me, but thrilled others
with his Python boot

and jungle cat stiletto pump 
What are your thoughts about animal print in fashion?
I would love to hear what you think.
Is it Hot or does it STINK?

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse